Monday, September 20, 2010

Pictures of the party day!

More pics Jack at one year!

Jack's 1st Birthday!

What does every kid ask for their birthday at one point....PONY'S!! OK, ok, not every kid is like that, but I'm starting my son early!
I was so pumped for his birthday. I had his one year pictures taken a week earlier, decorated the inside and outside of my house, and called the best grandfather in the world and he brought two mini horses for rides! It was so fun! You should have seen the looks on the neighborhood childrens faces! So cute! I totally gave in and opened the rides to any kid who wanted one, or two, or three...;)
The theme was.......wait for it!....... JACK! Anything and everything Jack. I had pictures up of Jack-Jack Attack, Jack Sparrow, Jack Nicholson, Jack Nicklaus, Jack Rabbit, Jack Ass (lol), Jack-O-Lantern..... and I think that was it..... Oh, the 4 Jack face cards. It was so cute;)
Now, remember exactly a year ago when my water broke, and I went into labor 4 weeks early... well Ruby, was my OR co-worker that had her baby 4 hours after me that day. I invited her son and her family to share the day with Jack. So we had two, cute, little boys eating cake and wondering what the HELL was going on...;)
Anyways, Jack made out like a bandit! He got way too many toys, ate too much cake, and cried a few times. Oh, sounds like a perfect one year old birthday party!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jacks 9 Month

Jack's Baby Pics 2009

Im almost updated on the last 2 years! Crazy. Here are some picture we paid to have done. These were Jack's baby pics.

Halloween 2009

If anyone knows anything about me.... I LOVE Halloween. I drive Dan crazy how I make him help me decorate and dress up every Halloween. I was especially pumped this year with Jack being around. We went to a great party for adults and then trick or treat night, Dan dressed up and took his nieces and nephews through the neighborhood. I had some extra gauze from work, so I was creative and wrapped Jack up. He was a mummy!!! Although it was hard to change his diaper! lol!

Texas 2009

We went to Tx to visit my grandmother and aunt and uncle. They live in Plano, Tx. We planned it so Aubilita could meet Jack, but before we knew it, we had the whole family meeting us there. It was awesome! We were all together for the first time in years! So fun! I met my nephew Landon, and got to see how big Chase had gotten. Everyone met Jack, and i love seeing my grandparents and Tia and Tio. We took family picture, went wake boarding, and hung out as a family.
Jacks first plane ride! He did great!